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30 November 2021

Northam – KruisMed Northam is situated at the lowest geographical point of Northam. So, it’s no surprise that when the municipal sewage system gets blocked, the wastewater spills over to the consulting rooms, instead of going “downstream”. 

“Although the Thabazimbi Local Municipality is of great help, their solutions are not sustainable,” said KruisMed Northam manager Debbie van der Walt. 

Says Dr Pieter De Kock: “For the past few months, the sewage spills into our offices from our drains outside on a weekly basis. The smell is intolerable, and it poses a bacterial threat.”

“We will implement a permanent solution,” said Thabazimbi Local Municipality Northam satellite manager Fred Marirri. “We will flush the system as we suspect possible waste interfering with the flow. The line must be cleaned.”

KruisMed Northam’s Dr De Kock and manager Debbie van der Walt at the overflow of sewerage on Monday 22 November.


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