Headline News
17 November 2021

Northam – During a heavy downpour, a passer-by heard the faint cries of a baby in a veld just outside Northam on Monday 8 November.

Upon closer inspection, the community member came across a baby girl, wrapped in a plastic bag, crying her little heart out. 

The police and an ambulance were summoned to the scene where the little girl was dumped in the bush, still lying in her bloody placenta. Her little shivering body was wrapped in a warm blanket supplied by a community member and she was taken to Thabazimbi Hospital.

“We are so happy she survived. I can’t understand how someone can abandon their helpless little baby like this. I pray that God blesses her in abundance.

She might have had a rough start, but with her fighting spirit, she might go out and do great things,” a community member who was on the scene said.

The mother of the child has not yet been found and police are investigating a case of child abandonment.

Anyone with information leading to the arrest of the suspect can anonymously contact captain Du Plessis on 082 565 7611 or 08600 10111 or on the MySAPS app.


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