Headline News
06 November 2021

Northam – Northam residents’ weekend started off in the dark as their power went off at around 16:45 on Friday 29 October.

The initial thought was that it was part of the loadshedding that was scheduled for 17:00… but after they were still left in the dark at 19:30, they suspected something else was wrong. The cause for the widespread darkness was two transformers that were damaged in a light storm.

“This is not the first time. On a previously occasion, some of our appliances broke and we nearly lost all our meat in our fridge due to the power outages.

It is expensive to replace all the food and we all work hard to survive,” commented Sandra Hamman from Wildebeeslaagte.

After multiple complaints was reported at Eskom, the power was finally restored at around 19:00 on 30 October after the transformers were replaced.


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