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12 October 2021

Thabazimbi – Many people have learned to look past the homeless, as if they are invisible. They are human beings, not perfect, but each of them was born from a mother who had a dream for their future.

They did not land up on the street out of a conscious choice. Most of them have mental issues that are going untreated. They get cold, go hungry, feel heartsore and if they are lucky, might experience a short burst of happiness. 
You can be the reason for that happiness and much more.

World Homeless Day is commemorated annually on 10 October. People around the world mark this day as a way to change the lives of people experiencing homelessness in their communities.  

Substance abuse often leads to homelessness. Addictive disorders disrupt relationships with family and friends and cause people to lose their jobs. Homelessness and addiction are closely connected, with homelessness contributing to substance abuse and substance abuse contributing to homelessness.

The Lighthouse inc. Friends to Addicts is a non-profit organisation working with and supporting homeless people.

Our town has a beautiful homeless shelter, but unfortunately it does not cater for the homeless people with addiction problems. Our SAVF office provides food parcels on availability, but also no shelter. Which leaves a lot of people on the streets, having to fend for themselves, sometimes in the harshest of conditions.

Often, due to wrong choices and its consequences, people end up on the streets. The Lighthouse inc. Friends to Addicts want to help and guide people back to having their own rightful place in society, where they can start over and get their dignity back. 

To raise awareness about this issue the team will spend a night out on the streets on 9 October.

The community is invited join them at the New Way Christian Church (NWCC) parking area on the corner of Judith and Van Der Bijl Streets where they plan to feed the homeless people and hand out toiletry parcels. 

During the evening they will have people available to council the lost, the addicts and the homeless. If you need help because your child, husband, parent or wife is caught in the grip of addiction, you are welcome to come and talk to someone.

The fundraiser will end with a Church service in the NWCC the morning after where ex-homeless people will share their testimonies. Come and hear what God is able to do for you, if you are available and willing. To contribute or for more information contact Annamarie Oosthuizen at 
079 355 8502.

Next time when you look at a homeless or destitute person, realise, it could have been you or one of your loved ones. Don’t turn a blind eye.


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