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21 December 2018

Thabazimbi – The basic aim of the traffic department is to ensure that there is a free-flow of traffic. Law enforcement officers want to make sure the rules of the road are adhered to so that motorists can be safe.

The government aims to reduce accidents by 7% and in order to do so, motorists must follow the rules of the road.

It is of vital importance that a vehicle is road worthy when traveling. There is a free test available at the traffic department to find any defects to your vehicle before going on a long trip.

When looking at the driving behavior of people, speeding is one of the main concerns. The traffic department pleads with drivers to drive slower and safer on bad roads and comply with the speed limit. Pedestrians should take care not to jaywalk and cross roads at demarcated areas.

They should always wear reflective clothing at night when crossing roads.
Never drink and drive and don’t allow passengers to drink while in the vehicle, it’s against the law. Always keep a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you.

When going on holiday, stop every 200km for a rest and make sure that you drink enough water. If you have a passenger with a license, let them assist you with driving.

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