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21 December 2018

Thabazimbi – With the fast approaching festive season, pet owners are dreading for their pets as fireworks are a popular form of entertainment.

According to the Explosives Act no 26 of 1956, section 10.35 that relates to the public displays of fireworks, no person may do so on any premises without the written permission of the chief inspector of explosives – commonly known as having a permit. This written permission will stipulate conditions and any non-compliance with them is a criminal offence. 

The sale of fireworks also falls under the explosives act and conditions. It is not possible for any informal sellers like hawkers, roadside or any open-air sellers to conform with this act. Any seller of fireworks must be in possession of a current licence issued by the chief inspector of the department of explosives. This licence or permit is not transferable. 


Fireworks in a licensed shop must be either under the counter or locked in a cabinet. It is an offence to display or place fireworks where a shopper can pick them up or handle them in any way.
Despite the rules set in place, pets are still severely terrorised every year by fireworks. Animals can become scared, disorientated and run away out of fear for the load noises.

Thabazimbi Animal Rescue (TAR) requests that you please immediately report any incidents of animals hurt by fireworks.

You can contact the following emergency numbers: To report a fire contact 082 551 4204, for animal related problems contact TAR on 084 885 6487 or the local police on 014 777 3504 or 014 777 350.
Remember that no display in the world is worth the fear, pain and suffering our pets endure as a result of fireworks.


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