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30 November 2018

Thabazimbi – Congratulations to Precious Chabane who shared her special moment with us and won Platinum Bushvelder’s Christmas photo competition.

To enter, contestants had to send their photos and contact details to our newsroom. Whether you got Santa to pose, threw in a couple of presents or decorated your Christmas tree – you could use whatever you wanted to make your photo special.

A big thank you to all entrants and compliments to Precious!  
Precious graces the front page with her winning photos.

In a special Christmas message to our readers Precious shared: 

“Christmas is special because it reminds me that Jesus came into this world to give us hope. As a Christian, I know that Jesus lives in our hearts, and gives us hope in spite of the bad things around us. He grants us peace.
“Sharing happiness and love is one of the greatest gifts of life. Giving Christmas gifts is one of the ways I contribute to the happiness of others. I am so grateful for the smiling faces around me during this time of year. The festive season also brings my family together. Decorating the house for Christmas is one of our fondest family traditions. My wish this Christmas is that people may get to know Jesus and God.”

Precious Chabane, winner of Platinum Bushvelder’s Christmas photo competition.
Feeling the Christmas spirit! 


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