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26 October 2018

Northam – Northam Tax Payer Association (NTPA) elected its new management on Wednesday, 10 October to assist in bettering the Northam community. Their first and foremost task is to clean up Northam.

“We all want to be proud of where we live. This town is a mess and at the moment it is a huge health risk,” said secretary of NTPA Patricia Motloi. 

Chairperson of NTPA David Goveia said: “We are a family and we have to stand together to make our community a better place.”

A heartfelt thank you to Tokkie Swanepoel and Ertjies de Witt, from Thabazimbi Tax Payers Association who is also assisting in improving the Northam community.

Back from left: NTPA treasurer Butch Anley, NTPA vice chairperson Rian Roux; NTPA member Dries Kotze; and treasurer of Thabazimbi Tax Payer’s Association Ertjies de Witt. Front from left: NTPA treasurer Santa Anley; NTPA chairperson David Gouveia; and NTPA secretary Patricia Motloi.


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