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12 October 2018

Hartebeespoort Dam – As young vultures prepare to leave the nest for the first time, VulPro is gearing up to save as many of these endangered birds as possible.

For young vultures undertaking their maiden flights, things do not always go according to plan. Too often these critically endangered birds are grounded or injured and unable to take flight or flee to safety. 

As vultures reach the critically endangered tipping point, each and every individual vulture becomes more essential to the survival of this species. 

“That’s why VulPro is offering to collect, protect (and hopefully rehabilitate) every injured vulture from anywhere in South Africa!” said Charne Wilhelmi, head stakeholder engagement. 

Whether from power line electrocution, collision incidents or potential poisoning... Being able to save a single bird can make a fundamental difference to their population.

VulPro has also witnessed an increase in the need for a rehabilitation centre for various animals. That’s why they are opening their doors to all injured creatures, be it vultures, birds of prey or mammals. 

If you should come across any injured vulture or any other wild animal in need of assistance, please contact VulPro immediately. They are available at all hours, and in many of these incidents, time is of the essence.

Kerri Wolter: 082-808-5113
Charne Wilhelmi: 084-898-4659

This Lappet Faced Vulture (aka Nubian Vulture) recently lost its wing due to a power line collision. The Lappet-Faced Vultures are critically endangered with only about 8,000 left worldwide.
A Cape Vulture, being cared for and treated for paralysis by the VulPro team. 


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