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28 September 2018

Northam – The Northam community had a meeting at the Northam municipal lapa on 18 September. Representatives from the Thabazimbi Rate Payers Association, Tokkie Swanepoel, Ertjies de Wit and Frik Erasmus attended. 

The issues raised were:

Refuse in Northam was one of the main discussions for the evening. The Northam community is disgraced by the poor state of their town. Garbage is just being dumped everywhere, as Northam has no legal refuse dump. This matter was already discussed in depth at a meeting held in September 2017.  A year later... and nothing has changed. 

At night, garbage is illegally burnt. Lucas Moselakgomo, spokesperson for the Mojuteng community, said: “We live in a dump and every day something burns, we can hardly breathe. The community believed this is a health and safety risk.”

For several weeks, parts of Northam, Regorogile and Thabazimbi were without water. Business owners expressed their concern that the lack of water is interfering with their businesses. The general is that Thabazimbi Local Municipality (TLM) is not doing enough to deal with the water crisis.

The community raised the issue that certain meter readings are not being read properly. Members of the community said that they are tired of the empty promises that the TLM makes and that they want them to deliver.

In response to the numerous concerns Tokkie Swanepoel said that a new health and safety officer has been appointed. The Northam community is ready for a change and willing to stand together. With regards to the meter readings, Tokkie urged members of the community to verify their accounts, make sure of the meter readings, and contact the Thabazimbi Local Municipality if they do not agree.

“Take photos of the metres on a regular basis and if that doesn’t compare with the account, contact the TLM,” said Tokkie.

In an interview with Piet Strydom, chief wip from the municipality, told Platinum Bushvelder that about 65% of Northam residents do not pay their municipal accounts, which is the reason that there is no money to provide the necessary services.

Piet Strydom assured members present that the municipality is really working hard to rectify these issues and is working around the clock to make the town a better place.

 In a media statement of 7 September, the municipality provided communities with contact details. “We urge the community to use these contact information to ensure better service delivery,” said Piet.

Piles of garbage, a familiar face in Northam.
Attendees at the meeting held on 18 September


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