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07 September 2018

Thabazimbi – The Thabazimbi Local Municipality (TLM) would like to inform the community about the progress being made in the different departments of the municipality:

In our corporate department we are pleased to announce that we have settled 21 matters brought against the municipality, that are appearing on the litigation register. We have paid out a total of R17.3 million on litigation matters and our monthly commitments from settlements reached, are R1.3 million. The municipality is still challenging 48 cases in court.

The council is sitting on a regular basis and execute its meetings according to the corporate calendar. Members of the public are also welcome to attend these meetings as observers.
Our payment arrangements for our bulk services, as provided by Magalies Waterboard and Eskom, are being honoured. We urge consumers to pay their monthly municipal services bills to ensure that we can contribute to our monthly current accounts as received from our service providers.

We have exciting news to share about our planning and economic development department. The municipality has introduced better filing and registration processes with regards to land use applications and building plans. This is also working towards the reduction of the excessive backlog, especially with town planning applications. 

The resuscitation of the long pending township establishment projects such as Northam extension 16 and 20, Thabazimbi extension 58, Regorogile ext 9, and the proclamation of Raphuti Township, are taking place.

The Housing Development Agency has approved the request by the municipality for enumeration of eight informal settlements which include Regorogile (1200), Donkerpoort (350), Dwaalboom (100), Northam ext 16 and 20 (1360), Jabulani (300) and Raphuti (250). To date, two service providers were appointed for social facilitation (enumeration) and resettlement studies and a total of 26 job opportunities will be created in this regard. 

The TLM has also established the Thabazimbi Mining Forum with the intention of creating better working relations with the mining housing towards community development. the municipal integrated development plan 2018/19 has prioritised tourism as a primary economic sector and the municipality held a successful tourism indaba on 18 May 2018. 

The municipality is in the process of reviewing its tourism strategy. The draft strategy has been developed and is undergoing stakeholder consultation, which is spearheaded by the newly established Thabazimbi Tourism Association. The municipality has since advertised for service providers to partner in the hosting of the Ketapele Jazz Festival and Wildsfees Game Expo, which are annual events planned for 2019.

We established a blocked housing projects progress meeting. The meeting seeks to unblock previously incomplete housing projects implemented by CoGHSTA. CoGHSTA has appointed a service provider to register a total of 1,500 title deeds for low cost housing for the municipality.

To date, 332 title deeds were registered for beneficiaries in Regorogile extensions 3, 4, 6 and 7, Thabazimbi extension 9 and Rooiberg extension 2. TLM has been allocated 300 low cost houses for the 2018/19 financial year. 

The technical department is under enormous pressure but are doing their best to assist residents experiencing challenges. The council appointed a technical director two months ago and we can already see an improvement in the department. 

The capital projects for the 2017/18 financial year include the upgrading of the Thabazimbi Waste Water Treatment Works. The project is completed, operational and has been handed over to the municipality. The first two phases of installation of high mast lights in Northam and Raphuti will move to the 2018/19 financial year and we are awaiting Eskom to supply power to make it operational. 

Other projects that will get attention in the 2018/19 financial year, are the paving of internal streets in Raphuti, upgrading of internal streets in Northam ward 7 and the rehabilitation of the sports facility in Northam. For all these projects, consultants have been appointed and they are currently busy with the designs.

Kumba and MISA are assisting the municipality to replace broken and faulty water meters. The project came to a brief halt but will soon be back on track as we are waiting for the new meters that have been ordered. Installation will commence as soon as the new meters have arrived.

Water pipe bursts and sewer blockages are attended to daily and we urge residents to report any water and sanitation related problems to 083 703 2805. The technical water and sanitation forum will be re-established and will assist in dealing with sustainable water supply and maintenance challenges and funding options.

Our financial department is also being beefed up and we are happy to share that we are in the process of establishing a customer care centre to ensure that all residents receive great customer service. Details about this will be shared at a later stage, as we are still in the process of addressing various challenges. 

We recently appointed a debt collector and service providers to assist with the municipality’s revenue enhancement strategies. During the same time, we are in the process to address billing issues and queries regarding the valuation roll. Currently, the municipality is engaging with the valuer to conduct supplementary valuations on individual properties. 

For any assistance in account queries, please e-mail Gadifele Taoana at or contact her at 073 031 2108.

Our communication department is updating our contacts database and we need your assistance in this regard. Please WhatsApp your e-mail address to Joshua Motsomane at 082 797 7008 if you want to be updated with any crucial information from the municipality.

The TLM would like to thank each resident that forms part of the process of rebuilding the municipality. It is an ongoing process and the municipality is foremost committed to ensure that systems are in place to guarantee effective service delivery.

TLM press release,
6 September

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