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17 August 2018

Thabazimbi – The Thabazimbi Local Municipality (TLM) needs your support. This month, two years ago, the unity government started to lead the TLM. 

From that time, some challenges have been eradicated, but there are still many obstacles remaining – because of previous mismanagement. 

One of the many issues, the long overdue billing system, is currently under the spotlight. The information on the system is outdated and incomplete. This leads to the municipality suffering enormous financial damage and loss of income which places the budget and service delivery under severe pressure. 

The entire community can benefit if the system is updated and account statements can be sent to all residents. 

You are kindly requested to contact the municipality if you do not receive an account from the municipality. It is the duty of every resident to ensure that service accounts and property rates are paid. 

If everyone cooperates in this regard, the municipality will be able to rise from the ashes sooner than anticipated. TLM can be the best municipality in the province, but only if every resident helps. Imagine how wonderful it could be if we succeed at this: affordable and reliable municipal services at reduced rates, no potholes, job creation opportunities and reliable infrastructure. This is only possible if everyone works together. 

Be part of the success story that Thabazimbi can be. Send your correct account details to the revenue department at or visit the accounts department of the municipality at 7 Rietbok Street as soon as possible.

Information issued by the office of the speaker, 16 August 

Acting chief financial manager Thavesh Chetty and doctor Bertie Joubert, speaker of the TLM. 


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