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27 July 2018

Thabazimbi  -  The Thabazimbi Local Municipality (TLM) released the following important information on in a press release on 25 July 2018. 

They highlighted the following crucial areas.

In the 2017/18 financial year, the following meetings took place:  
Five special council meetings; 
Four ordinary council meetings as required by law;
Seven executive committee meetings; 
Eight portfolio committee meetings for the different departments; and 
Two training sessions for councillors and ward committee members. 

TLM experienced numerous challenges regarding the installation of prepaid smart electricity meters. Despite the enormous effort displayed by certain ward councillors, management of the TLM, the Thabazimbi Rate Payers’ Association and Thabazimbi Chamber of Commerce, this project almost came to a standstill late last year.

The project is currently being revived, and the installation of metres is taking place in Rooiberg and parts of Regorogile. The project steering committee will be reconvened in the following two weeks.
The TLM is fortunate to have R15 million available, to immediately commence the upgrading of their electricity network, in particular the main substation. R10 million comes from the Department of Energy and R5 million from PPC.

Up to date the TLM, with various interim negotiations with Eskom, avoided the limitation of power. In the previous financial year Eskom was paid R66.9 million on the current account and outstanding debt.

For electrical capital projects, you are welcome to view the approved budget and IDP of 2018/2019 on TLM’s website on 

Despite frequent pressure from Magalies Water, TLM was fortunate to make a substantial payment in the beginning of this month to the amount of R7 million.
In collaboration with a huge community effort, the TLM tries its utmost best to ensure the basic supply of water to its inhabitants. They are currently installing 4,500 new water meters.
The new water reservoir is 95% complete with Anglo American Platinum assisting to finalise the project. 

Two additional boreholes will be allocated from Kumba to augment water supply to Regorogile that will increase the water pressure. These boreholes will be used to fill the new reservoir. A dedicated supply line at Regorogile Ext 5 was also constructed. 

The upgrading of the plant and rehabilitation of the existing works are 100% complete and fully operational.

The communication department of TLM will issue a quarterly newsletter. The first edition will be available from September 2018. The purpose of the newsletter is to report on projects and service delivery of the TLM. 

TLM has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Godisang Thabazimbi Community Development Trust and SIOC, through which they obtained a 14,000 litre water truck for the transportation and distribution of drinkable water. This will bring relief to our community during water shortages.

Fourteen vacant positions were filled, including a town planner, labour relations officer and a municipal public accounts committee researcher.
Short listing was conducted for 16 positions and 17 interviews conducted. Four employees resigned, one passed away and six retired. Two disciplinary hearings took place. 

Job evaluations are conducted for all positions on the organogram. 
About 46 legal cases regarding gross negligence and mismanagement by the previous government, is pending. 
The Thabazimbi Local Municipality thanks the community for their patience and support. They stay committed to service delivery. 

Press release issued by the office of the speaker, TLM, 25 July

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