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06 July 2018

Thabazimbi – Residents are urged not to start uncontrolled fires. A disastrous situation was narrowly escaped on the Ellisras Road in Thabazimbi on Monday 25 June.

A concerned resident alerted the Thabazimbi Crisis Control after spotting a raging fire. It was about one kilometre away from a residential area.

Henk Havenga and his team from Thabazimbi Crisis Control rushed to the scene and managed to douse the fire before it could spread to nearby residential property.

“We usually receive three to 10 callouts per month. I urge everyone to not start fires and to keep the area around your homes clean and neat,” said Henk. He also urges residents to keep fire extinguishers in their homes. “If possible, install a JoJo tank on your premises. Having water around to douse a fire can save a life,” he said. 

Henk also shared great news: “Within the next month or so, the Thabazimbi Crisis Control will have radio communication. If you’re a member, you will have free fire brigade assistance.” 

If anyone would like to become a member, contact Henk Havenga at 083-698 3401. 


Uncontrolled fires like these can cause irreparable damage to properties and livestock.
Thabazimbi Crisis Control in action.


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