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25 May 2018

Swartklip – Learners of science subjects at the Mochudi Secondary School in Swartklip received a huge boost when cement company PPC donated to them a Mobile Science and IT Lab on Wednesday, 16 May. The school is one of the latest beneficiaries of PPC’s science educational programme.

It is expected that PPC’s donation of the lab will help the school with the improvement of science teaching and learning, and consequently improve pass rates. 

“Pupils want to use technology and prepare themselves for the digital world. As a school, we appreciate this initiative because it addresses one of the most pressing needs in our community, particularly practical exposure to science and technology.

The resources will greatly enhance the leaners’ comprehension of science as a subject. Lessons will become more interesting and practical as teachers will use the lab to conduct practical scientific experiments,” said Jaabosigo, principal at Mochudi Secondary School.

The lab contains the necessary and essential tools to enhance the learning and teaching experience for both teachers and learners. It contains chemicals, equipment and other teaching aids, as well as a full IT system provided by Diebold Nixdorf, PPC’s partner in the project. 

The IT system provides bespoke software that comes handy for science teachers and pupils. It also boasts a full audio-visual capability, including surround sound for the screening of videos to enhance the learning experience.

“It is now common knowledge that high performance in maths and science are vital in producing individuals with the right skills to prosper in the evolving economy. The mobile science lab thus supports government’s strategic initiative to improve outcomes in these key subjects,” said Johan Claassen, PPC’s chief executive officer. 

The handover of the lab forms part of ongoing initiatives planned to benefit schools countrywide.  To date, over 10,000 learners have already been positively impacted, opening new career paths for learners to become South Africa’s next generation of engineers, scientists and technicians.

Mochudi Secondary School learners in Swartklip received a huge boost!
The mobile laboratory given to the school by PPC.


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