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06 April 2018

Northam – An awareness and informative session on human rights was held at the Northam Victim Empowerment Centre on 21 March. 

The event, significantly hosted on Human Rights Day, was addressed by Klaas Ndiweni, social worker at the Social Department of Justice at the Northam Police Station as well as constable Masesadi Molope. Alcohol and drug abuse were singled out as the major causes of domestic violence. The community was made aware of the various forms of abuse taking place. The presenters also lamented the abuse of children, wives and the elderly.

Abuse by partners often makes the victims feel ashamed to report the incident. This was also brought to the fore. The community was encouraged to speak up.

“We want you as a community to know that you have the right to speak up! You have the right to break the silence of any abuse. If you do not break the silence, we won’t be able to help. We are all human beings and have a right to live, to learn and to stand on our own two feet!” constable Molope said. 

Klaas Ndiweni, social worker at the Social Department of Justice, directs the programme during the Human Rights event.
Constable Masesadi Molope addressing issues of alcohol and drug abuse.


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