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19 June 2024

Thabazimbi – In a world where long-term loyalty to a single employer is rare, it’s almost unheard of to find individuals who have devoted 40 years of their lives to the same company. This remarkable feat speaks volumes about the extraordinary nature of Medhof Pharmacy and its unwavering commitment to its employees and community.

Cheryl Hildebrandt and Joseph Maluleka have both achieved an incredible milestone by completing 40 full years of service at Medhof in June 2024. “And there are still many years ahead of us!” the two proudly declared. 

Known for their warmth, friendliness, and exceptional expertise, Cheryl and Joseph are beloved figures in the Thabazimbi community. Their dedication has not gone unnoticed, and the pride radiating from the owners, Danie van Niekerk and Driansu van der Nest, is unmistakable.

But the story doesn’t end there. Collectively, Medhof’s staff have accumulated a staggering 310 years of service! This incredible span of time reflects decades of knowledge and unwavering dedication.

Danie van Niekerk, one of the proud owners of Medhof Pharmacy, expressed his heartfelt gratitude: “Our staff’s dedication and loyalty are the pillars of Medhof’s success. We are deeply grateful for Cheryl and Joseph’s unwavering commitment and the exceptional service they have provided over the years. Their hard work and passion are what make Medhof truly special.”

Cheryl shared her thoughts on this milestone, saying, “When I was a young woman, I started working here, eager to learn and grow. Over the years, Medhof has become more than just a workplace; it’s been a journey of personal and professional growth. Each time I hear the bell and see a community member walk through the door, my heart swells with purpose. I know that today, we have the chance to make a difference in someone’s life.”

Joseph added, “I’ve grown so much over these 40 years, both personally and professionally. Medhof is more than just a workplace; it’s a family.”

“Genius Book of World Records, here we come!” Driansu declared with a beaming smile. Well done to everyone. If Medhof isn’t a unique pharmacy, then such a pharmacy doesn’t exist!” 

Photo: From left: Medhof Pharmacy co-owner Driansu van der Nest, pharmacist assistant Cheryl Hildebrandt, pharmacist assistant Joseph Maluleka, and Medhof Pharmacy co-owner Danie van Niekerk.

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