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Headline News
19 June 2024

Please take note that due to our shelter’s small size with only eight rooms, where people share rooms, we can only accommodate individuals from the Thabazimbi Municipal District. We prioritise women and children, older women and men not yet on pension, followed by single women and men.

We do not rent out rooms, only beds, and people share rooms on a short-term basis only. Married couples sleep separately, and children under 13 share a room with their mother.

Once you find permanent employment or we find you permanent employment, you are expected to find your own accommodation and vacate so that we can assist someone else.

Very important to know:
The shelter has very strict rules. If you abuse alcohol or have an addiction, we will not be able to accommodate you. We test prior to allowing you into the shelter, and conduct random drug and alcohol tests. 

Please also note that you will be expected to clean up after yourself and help keep the common areas clean. You will also be expected to work on projects to cover your living costs.

Our rules and structures are not negotiable, and we expect everyone to follow them and respect the other people in the shelter. We work with people who want to put in the effort to grow and work towards starting anew.

Please take note: We are not a rehab or bed and breakfast. We help those who want to help themselves.

Thabazimbi Homeless Shelter management

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