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01 March 2022

Rooibokkraal – Ten suspects who stand accused of attacking Elmarie Smith with an axe and a panga on Thursday 13 January 2022, were denied bail when they appeared before the Thabazimbi Magistrates’ Court. 

The suspects are charged with the possession of a firearm and robbery with aggravating circumstances. 

Leonard Nyathi, Behiso Nyathi, Nkiwane Zibagiso, Musagwawi Ndlena, Leroy Ndebele, Thandzawe Sithole, Nhlahla Ngwenya, Sibanda Nkanyise, Muhuahua Wetti and Vises Khumalo were all denied bail during their appearance on Tuesday 22 February. They are expected back in the dock on 17 March.  

Smith was seriously injured when she was attacked by the men shortly after 5pm on 13 January. Her partner, Kruger, is the owner of Kukama Lodge, which is an 85km drive [north-west] from Thabazimbi, just North of the Atherstone Nature reserve – in the Rooibokkraal area. 

Apparently, Elmarie was in the garden, busy discussing work to be done the following day with one of her employees, when she was attacked from behind. Her daughter was watching TV and Kruger was in their bedroom. 

Their daughter and Kruger were not injured. According to reports, some of the intruders entered the house, which was not locked, but they did not steal anything. 

Pieter Lambrecht of Matlabas told Platinum Bushvelder that when they arrived on the scene, they found and followed the tracks of the suspects. The suspects were arrested shortly after. Two vehicles were also pulled over and the occupants were arrested. 


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