Headline News
01 March 2022

Northam – The heavy rains that pounded Northam on Thursday 10 February made life very difficult for community members living in Northam’s RDP ward 7. 

Contractors hired to resurface one of the roads in the area were forced to stop their digging activities prematurely when the storm struck. Five days after the storm, vehicles still got stuck in the mud while trying to pass.

Said RDP ward 7 resident Patricia Moloi: “No vehicles are able to come or leave here and some people are forced to leave their cars in town because they are unable to drive home. People with small cars are also unable to go home. For many days now, the children had to walk very carefully to school!” 

During a visit to RDP ward 7 on Tuesday 15 February, Thabazimbi Local Municipality (TLM) mayor Tokkie Swanepoel came face to face with the frustrations of the community. Swanepoel urged the residents to report any service delivery anomalies as soon as they occur.

“I believe that TLM will improve but we also need our community to work together and help us achieve our goals,” the mayor concluded.

Photo: Northam, five days after the rain. 


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