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04 August 2017

We have received a notice from Eskom which states that they have the intention to cut the bulk electricity of certain parts of Thabazimbi during each day of the week.

This is not their final decision and we need to engage with them in order to ensure that the best agreement will be reached.

Thabazimbi Local Municipality has so far paid the following amounts on the outstanding Eskom account:

December 2016 R 10 000 000.00
January 2017 R   1 000 000.00
February 2017 R   2 000 000.00
March 2017 R   7 500 000.00
May 2017 R      492 407.17
July 2017 R 17 201 489.13
TOTAL: R 38 193 896.30

The above-mentioned total is for consumption and the back payment as per the arrangement. 
The payment of the old account amounts to R 19 503 696.65 to date.

These payments form part of the arrangement that was made to ensure that the local government’s bulk electricity supply would not be interrupted. Unfortunately, the arrangement could not be honoured completely on certain dates.

We are always holding regular discussions with Eskom and we remain hopeful that the outcome of these talks will be positive. We’ve been paying Eskom large amounts of money, as it becomes available, while we still need to pay other debtors in this process, as we need to ensure proper basic service delivery.

We’ve also managed to enhance our revenue collection rate due to certain programmes that enable the municipality to collect more money per month. The Smart Electricity Project is assisting the municipality to provide a more reliable income, due to the fact that meter readings are done automatically via computer assisted systems.

Unfortunately, some parts of the community are reluctant to allow the installation of these systems and we are still in the process of engaging them. We’ve invited Eskom for meetings in arranging a new agreement, since other services also need to be paid, yet they opted to serve the municipality with the cut off notice.

The municipality and all other stakeholders now have the opportunity to engage formally with Eskom until 4 September 2017 in order to negotiate on their decision. They will publish their findings on 15 September 2017. We urge all concerned stakeholders and residents to voice their concerns regarding this matter.

The Thabazimbi Local Municipality will call an urgent council meeting in this regard to discuss strategies and plans to overcome this challenge.

Thabazimbi Local Municipality press release, 3 August 2017

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