Headline News
07 September 2021

Northam – The Northam community was hot under the collar on Saturday 28 August after Thabazimbi Local Municipality (TLM) employees were seen dragging a shack through the streets.

TLM apparently received complaints about the shack that was erected at the taxi rank. Employees were instructed to remove the shack but did not have the correct tools on hand to disassemble it, so they made a plan. “The shack had to be moved, we were just doing our jobs,” a municipal employee told Platinum Bushvelder.    

The community however was more concerned about the damage the ‘move’ caused to the streets. Speedhumps and road signs were damaged and there was a close call with another vehicle as the wreckage was pulled through the streets. The shack was eventually dragged all the way to a local dumping site.

Much to the amazement of local community members, a shack was dragged through the streets of Northam, using a municipal truck.  


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