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06 September 2021

Northam – “Never let anyone help you at an ATM,” this was the message from a Northam community member after criminals emptied his bank account on Tuesday 24 August.

He gave his card to a family member who went to a local shopping centre’s ATM to draw money. When he inserted the card, there was an error and the man behind him came up and said that the card was inserted the wrong way.

He then took the card, turned it around and inserted it for him. The transaction went through, and he left. The red flags started going off once the SMSs started to arrive. The criminals first withdrew R3,000 at another ATM and then placed large bets at Hollywoodbets and made some purchases.

“It all happened so fast. We suspected that they either swopped or cloned our card. Our account was empty before we could stop the card,” he said.

After a lengthy discussion with their bank, they were informed that only the R3,000 that was withdrawn at the ATM would be refunded. 

The victims opened a case with local police. You can protect yourself from falling victim to these fraudsters by never accepting any help from someone at an ATM even if they appear to be security or a bank employee.

Also, never use an ATM that has been damaged, tampered with or has foreign objects attached to it. Be vigilant!


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