Headline News
31 August 2021

Thabazimbi – Fences are necessary, but hazardous to wildlife and birds who are injured or die if they get entangled or trapped in the wire. A badly entangled rhino cow was fortunate to be freed by dr Louis Greef and the Medivet team on Wednesday 18 August. The right-back leg of the animal somehow got entangled in the wire. She must have put up a struggle to loosen herself, as the wire had cut through her hide into the flesh. Dr Greef was successful in removing the wire from the gaping wound. He treated and dressed the wound before releasing the animal. The team will monitor the recovery of the rhino. Medivet is at the forefront when it comes to protecting and caring for wildlife and pets in our area in need of medical attention. 

Dr Louis Greef treated the wound of the rhino cow after removing a wire from the gaping wound on its right-back leg. 


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