Crime & Accidents News
06 August 2021

Thabazimbi – Over the last two weeks remote jammers have plagued our community.  
Remote jamming is the practice where a criminal jam the immobiliser’s signal to the vehicle, so that it doesn’t lock – even when its owner presses the ‘lock’ button.

The jammer can then easily gain access to steal your vehicle or to steal items from your vehicle.

“If you notice a remote jammer, please do not confront them, rather alert local security groups and phone the police so that they can be caught,” said Community Policing Forum member Petrus van Breda.

He also urged community members to not leave valuable items in their vehicles and to make sure that their vehicles are locked before they leave it. Rather be safe than sorry. By checking your doors one more time or looking to see if your lights flickered, you can save yourself the stress, inconvenience and loss caused by these criminals.

Remote jammers were caught on local security cameras. 


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