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23 July 2021

[Letter to the editor] 

Northam – I nearly got scammed by so-called ‘good Samaritans’ after having problems with my phone.

My SIM card started acting up and on my way to a shop in town (to get it fixed) I was approached by scam artists pretending to be employees from a reputable cell phone company. They said they had a SIM card special.

They seemed very trustworthy, so I handed them my phone whereafter they quickly swopped SIM cards, pressed a few buttons and I was on my way. 

My battery was almost flat so I could not immediately pick up what was happening, but the moment I put my phone on charge, I noticed something was wrong. As I attempted to use my phone, it said that the service was not available.

I knew something was wrong and luckily my first instinct was to go to my bank. When I got there, I was informed that there was an attempt to transfer R6,000 from my account.

My quick thinking resulted in the bank immediately stopping the transaction and the scammers were left high and dry. 

I urge you to not trust strangers no matter how trustworthy they look.
Almost Scammed

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