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23 July 2021

SA – The slogan, “A stained note is probably a stolen note”, has not been more relevant than in the past few days since the looting in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng. Visuals of looters vandalising ATMs circulated on social media.

  • In a press release by Specialist Investigators into Serious Violent & Serious Economic Crimes, Mike Bolhuis, more than 1,400 ATMs were forced open during last week’s looting spree.

The public is cautioned against accepting any dye-stained notes as legal tender because the onward use and value of these notes will not be honoured. Liquid dyes may stain the notes with a bluish-purple, red, black or green colour.

Such notes may give off a smell like that of paint initially and will stain fingers when touched. In a press statement by SABRIC, ATMs hold cash in special containers that protect cash with dye-stain technology that is activated when someone tries to break open the container. 

Once activated, the cash is stained with a green dye, thus defacing the notes, rendering them unusable as currency. 

SABRIC is a NPF company formed by South African banks to support the banking industry in combating crime.

Report any person in possession of dye-stained noted to the police on 0860 010 111.


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