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19 July 2021

Thabazimbi – Amidst Covid-19’s third wave, level 4 lockdown, and an unemployment rate of 32%, thousands of looters took to the streets of SA and wreaked havoc.

Thousands of shops were looted (mainly in KZN and Gauteng) and businesses ruined after criminals claiming to protest the imprisonment of Zuma on 7 July, wreaked havoc. Instead of protests, chaos, death and destruction followed. At the time of going to print…91 people in KZN and 26 people in Gauteng (related to these lootings) were killed.

The situation remains volatile. Even with 10,000 soldiers on the ground to assist SAPS, various areas in KZN are still being looted and destroyed. In Thabazimbi – like most towns and cities across South Africa – communities are uniting in combatting the looters.

The Thabazimbi Taxi Association, SAPS, CPF Thabazimbi and community members are patrolling our streets to ensure the safety of our communities and the protection of our business district and private property. 

“We are here to protect our own. We will not submit to them. This is our town – looters are not welcome here!” said MG Makakaba, member of the Thabazimbi Taxi Association. A few incidents of suspicious behaviour were nipped in the bud and so far, all is well.

“Some of our members patrolled the streets for 48 hours on end,” said Thabazimbi CPF member Petrus van Breda. “Thank you to everyone for keeping Thabazimbi safe. We won’t back down an inch. Let’s keep the momentum.”

SAPS and CPF members at the Thabazimbi Mall on 14 July. 
From left, Thabazimbi Taxi Association’s MG Makakaba, Simon Matsing and Bachipile Chazimba. 

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