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16 February 2021

Thabazimbi – A walk in the garden after the heavy rains may surprise and delight as there is an astonishing array of mushrooms growing in the soil, on leaf litter, out of termite mounds and even on wood. Instead of seed, mushrooms produce spores which have been given life by the extended rainfall. Whatever you do not eat the mushroom even if it looks like a Denny as it could be poisonous. Rather purchase a copy of Fungi and lichens of the Limpopo valley direct from the author Retha van der Walt from Musina and discover how these strange life forms survive and reproduce. 
To order contact Retha van der Walt 
on 079 209 6233 or 

A forest of mushrooms.
Spores are produced in the gills beneath  the mushroom cap.
A frilly green lichen and a flat yellow lichen thriving on a rock surface.


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