Headline News
12 January 2021

Limpopo – Police in Limpopo arrested 2,015 suspects for various offences during an eight-day clampdown conducted from Monday 28 December 2020 to Monday 4 January 2021.

Several suspects were arrested for contravention of the Disaster Management Act while others were apprehended for crimes related to drugs and liquor as the police intensified their festive season operations throughout all of the districts.

Police also arrested some offenders for rape, possession of stolen vehicles, possession and dealing in drugs and illicit cigarettes, selling fireworks without permits, murder, attempted murder, robberies, burglaries, assault on police officers as well as malicious damage to property. Others were nabbed for possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition, stock theft, possession of suspected stolen property, illegal gambling, public drinking, common robbery, armed robbery, shoplifting and driving under the influence of liquor.

Acting provincial commissioner of police in Limpopo, major general Jan Scheepers praised the hardworking police teams and all of the other law enforcement agencies involved in these arrests.

The arrests included - for the possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition.


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