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11 September 2020

Mother nature is awakening, changing and promising new beginnings after the cold winter. Platinum Bushvelder took to the streets to hear what they look forward to now that spring is here!

“Spring is a new start. Mother nature starts a new cycle and hopefully, this will include a cleaner more prosperous Northam – and loads of fishing.”
David Gouveia
“I can’t wait for the warmer weather that spring brings. I hope that the heat also helps in curbing the spread of COVID-19 so that we don’t have to wear masks anymore.”
Nelson Caldeira
“I wish that spring brings new hope in the fight against COVID-19 and that we can soon return to our regular lives.”
Nabeel Meer
“We have moved to level 2; so, I am looking forward to having picnics with my family and playing outside with my very active children. I have missed that.”
Palesa Nkotsie

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