Headline News
15 September 2020

Northam – Prepaid water meters have been installed by the Thabazimbi Local Municipality (TLM) in Mojuteng and Lefika as the local governing body forges ahead with its service delivery projects. Residents living in these areas are now able to buy their water and manage their consumption. A similar project will be rolled out in Northam once discussions between the municipality and Northam Platinum Mine are completed.

The TLM political management team (PMT) recently inspected the water meters during a visit to the sites of various projects being undertaken by the municipality.

With regards to the overflow of sewerage at the Northam oxidation ponds, negotiations between the municipality and mine are still ongoing as both parties look to come up with a solution to the challenge. The mine is also in a process of finalising the appointment of a service provider to oversee the construction of the Northam Waste Water Treatment Works (NWWTW).

The Northam hub, on the other hand, is nearing completion. The multipurpose centre will empower the community by accommodating various services. Plans are also underway to clean up the landfill site to ensure hygiene and safety. 

The installation of prepaid water meters in Mojuteng has been completed.
The municipality continued with its oversight visits.
A number of projects are now nearing completion.


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