Headline News
16 September 2020

Thabazimbi – Clicks stores nationwide has closed its doors from Monday 7 September after a threat by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party – in response to ‘controversial images’ that was published on the Clicks website. In other areas of the country stores were vandalised and even thrown with petrol bombs.

In an open letter, Clicks Group chief executive officer Vikesh Ramsunder apologised unreservedly for the hurt and anger these images have caused.

“The emotive responses of our customers have been mirrored by our employees and management teams. And, whilst the images and content were provided to us by our supplier TRESemmé, this does not absolve us from blame. Therefore, we took accountability for this error of judgment by issuing a public apology and swiftly removing the offensive material from our website. As a company, we cannot change what happened, but we are learning from this,” he said.

Clicks confirmed that it will be delisting and removing all TRESemmé products from its shelf with immediate effect and will be replacing the gap with locally sourced haircare brands. Apart from suspending all employees involved in publishing the recent offensive advertisement, Clicks has accepted the resignation of the senior executive responsible.

In the meanwhile, TRESemmé South Africa also publicly apologised for the marketing campaign and undertook to look into how this happened and why it wasn’t picked up.

To ensure the safety of their staff, Clicks Thabazimbi remained close for the week.


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