Headline News
24 July 2020

Dwaalboom – Pine Pienaar was brutally attacked on his farm Langverwacht just outside Dwaalboom, on Sunday 19 July.

He was walking along a gravel road to go check on a water pump when he noticed a footprint. Upon further investigation, he saw a man standing nearby in the bushes. He confronted him, demanding to know why he was trespassing.

The man charged at him with a screwdriver and Pine fired two warning shots, trying to scare him off. The next moment, the attacker was on him and a terrifying struggle ensued during which Pine was stabbed with the screwdriver in his arm. In self-defence, Pine managed to shoot the attacker in the leg.

Pine was badly injured and suffered blood loss, but managed to get home and contacted the Dwaalboom police, the Heritage Protection Group and Matlabas Farm Watch – who immediately came to his aid. The footprints left by the attacker was followed and it appears as if the attacker had been observing Pienaar for quite some time. There was only one set of footprints on scene.

Pine was taken to hospital where he is currently recuperating.

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