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26 June 2020

When they first announced that the sale of tobacco products would be banned in March 2020, several smokers stocked up for the three weeks ahead… 13 weeks later there is still no light at the end of the tunnel. Platinum Bushvelder took to the streets to find out how this ban affects the people in our community.  

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“We are all adults and because we know of the dangers involved, we won’t share our cigarettes. For most, tobacco is a stress reliever. Let us just have our smokes so we can live in peace.”
Ellon Mogotsi, Amandelbult community member
“Smokers are aware of the dangers of smoking and still smoke. We can’t just stop because someone decided that it is better for our health. It is our choice!”
Liezl Janse van Rensburg, Northam community member
“People are suffering, businesses are suffering, the economy is suffering, and illegal traders are reaping the rewards. Nobody is benefiting from this ban, so they might as well just lift it.”
William Mathaba, Thabazimbi community member
“As a business owner, we are suffering financially. Business is slow and people get angry because we can’t sell cigarettes.”
Abid Hassan, Thabazimbi community member

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