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26 June 2020

Thabazimbi – A hot cup of coffee, a heater and an electric blanket all bring comfort during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, these comforts also accompany an increase in electricity usage.

If you see that your units are dropping faster than before, keep the following culprits in mind:

  • Geysers take longer to heat up.
  • During the lockdown, more people are working from home. The youngsters are also stuck at home and this means more people using more devices… using more electricity.
  • Heaters… kettles or anything with an element that creates heat.
  • A pressure pump can also make up a big chunk of your electricity usage as people tend to take longer showers in wintertime.
  • Keeping your swimming pool clean will also contribute to an increase in electricity usage.

Make sure that all the appliances in your home is in a proper working condition and switch off appliances when you are not using them. When you do switch on your heater, heat only the room you are in. Remember to close all the doors and windows while the electric heater is on. Boil only enough water in the kettle for the number of cups of hot drinks you are preparing.


By limiting your pool’s filtering to once every 24 hours during winter, you could contribute to a notable saving on the energy required to run your pool pump.

Small changes can make a big difference in a big electricity bill.

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