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09 November 2017

Setaria – The students from Setaria's ring contact fighting art club graded on 28 October for their next colour belt. “I am very proud of each and every student,” says sensei Thereasa Tolmay, their instructor.

Senior fighters… front left to right: Khalym Botha, Jaden Bruynius, and Zane Vosloo. Middle left to right: Casey Hol, JD Tolmay, and Veruschka Wessels. Back left to right: Sensei Thereasa, Vannessa Rogers, Johan Liebenberg, Logan Wessels, Paul Bruynius, Wyat Vosloo, Tanya vd Westhuizen, Shalyn vd Westhuizen, and Malinda Delport.
Junior fighters… from left: Corrie Steenkamp, Danielle Gonsalves, LJ Delport, Johann Rogers, and Ricardo van Niekerk. Back: sensei Thereasa Tolmay.
From left: Christo Liebenberg and sensei Thereasa Tolmay.


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