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28 June 2019

Thabazimbi – It is with deep sorrow that the Thabazimbi Local Municipality (TLM) learnt of the untimely passing of former mayor Midah Moselane. 

She was first elected as a councillor in 2000 and served until 2006. After a hiatus of five years she was re-elected as a councillor in 2011 until 2016. She was elected as councillor of the Thabazimbi Residents Association in 2016 and elected as Mayor of Thabazimbi Local Municipality. She served as mayor until December 2018. 

TLM will never forget her fearless spirit and positive attitude toward service delivery. The community was always close to her heart as was evident during opportunities she had to hand out blankets and parcels that could help the elderly and the less fortunate.

On behalf of the TLM council, staff, community and all stakeholders, they share the pain with her family and friends and pay homage to this selfless leader who lived to serve the people. 
May the soul of Mme Midah Moselane rest in peace. 

Issued by the Office of the mayor, 27 June 2019 

Midah Moselane
20 November 1963 – 19 June 2019


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