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21 June 2019

Northam – Kurt Rensburg is a former player of Fairview Rovers Football Club. When a career move placed him in Northam, he decided to live out his dream by becoming a coach, mentor and owner of a football club.

Through interaction and coaching soccer at Platina Primary, he realised that there was a need for the local players to develop their skills. This is what inspired him to form Rens Galactico’s Football Club, a club that is independent of the schools in the area. 

He now has the vision to organise matches at the length and breadth of South Africa to expose his team to professional premier league coaches, where they have a better chance of being identified and possibly signed by professional clubs. 

In an interview with Platinum Bushvelder Kurt said: “Many of our players have talent and with hard work and coaching, will be great football players one day.

We want them to achieve their dreams.”

Rens Galactico’s Football Club therefore would like to arrange a four-team tournament for a three-day period over the June Holidays from 28 June to 30 June, in Port Elizabeth, to ensure that the club can compete against the best. 

They currently have u/12, u14 and u/16 teams and want to build a relationship with the Callies Football Club, to ensure it becomes a famous annual event on both their calendars.

Kurt would like to involve the community and asks that everyone help to make this a reality. This could be something special for the entire community to remember and for young aspiring soccer players.

For more information contact Kurt on 083 507 6866.

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