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12 April 2019

Rustenburg – South African farmers are facing hard times. The severe drought experienced over the past few years has brought them to their knees as the harsh weather conditions prolonged dry spell threaten crops and livestock.

Grazing fields lay barren and livestock are starving.

All over South Africa, farmers who are already struggling to keep head above water, stand by and watch helplessly as their livestock die. 

The Northern and Eastern Cape are especially affected by the drought. 

Chris van Beljon and JJ du Preez from Rustenburg started the Boere Droogtehulp SA to assist farmers in need. This organisation was established to assist with fodder, food, feed and any other essentials farmers might require, needed due to the drought. 

In an interview with Platinum Weekly Chris said: “It breaks my heart to see these animals suffer. I’ve seen grown men cry when they received a few bales of food for their animals.

Farmers are our main suppliers of food and without them the country will starve. By supporting our farmers, we are securing our food and future.

I can’t help them alone, but with enough support we can make a difference.”

“Our biggest challenge is getting the feed to the farmers. We have people willing to donate the feed, but the trucks and fuel to get the donations to the farmers in other provinces are expensive.”

Boer Droogtehulp SA tries to assist as much as they can with the donations they receive. Platinum Weekly had the opportunity to witness as they were loading a truck on 2 April heading for Olifantshoek. This donation was made possible by Hans van Wyk of Basella Maintance and JP Beumer of Beumer Vervoer who assisted with feed, a truck and fuel. 

Because farmers are an integral part of the SA food security, it is a problem that affects us all. It is also not something that can be solved overnight. Each donation makes a significant difference and helps to keep food on our tables.

Boere Droogtehulp SA will be hosting a music festival at Excalibur Boutique Hotel on 12 April to raise funds.

For more information visit their Facebook page or contact Chris van Beljon on 082 961 6620 or JJ du Preez on 082 567 0363.


From left: founders of Boere Droogtehulp SA, Chris van Beljon and JJ du Preez.
The extreme drought that farmers are facing.


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